• Sonal J Singh - The Fashionista

    Sonal J Singh, our resident Fashionista, embodies the soul of style in every stitch, every fold, and every intricate detail of Me2Sexy's handbag collection. With an impeccable eye for fashion that seems almost mystical, Sonal is the beacon guiding our design journey. Her years of immersion in the fashion industry have honed her instincts to perfection. She doesn't just follow trends; she sets them, and often, predicts them before they even grace the runway. It's her passion to ensure that each of our creations transcends mere functionality to become a tangible expression of personal style. Sonal's artistry makes a bold statement, giving every Me2Sexy bag an identity of its own. She is the one who makes sure that when you carry a Me2Sexy, you're not just carrying a bag, you're carrying a piece of fashion history.

  • Pamilla Singh Kapoor - The Trendsetter

    Meet Pam, the maestro of trends at Me2Sexy. She's the one who keeps us ahead of the fashion curve, always ready to embrace what's hot and dismiss what's not. With an uncanny ability to foresee the next big thing, Pam ensures our collections remain fresh, exciting, and oh-so-fashionable. Her creativity knows no bounds, and she fearlessly pushes design limits, ensuring our products are at the forefront of fashion innovation. When you spot a Me2Sexy bag that's setting the trend, you can bet Pam had a hand in it. With her around, our collections are nothing short of iconic. 

  • Pal Singh Kapoor - The Bridge Builder

    Pal, our Bridge Builder, is the heart that keeps the Me2Sexy team in harmony. With a rich background in fashion and an intuitive understanding of modern lifestyles, he's the glue that holds our diverse talents together. His remarkable skill lies in seamlessly integrating our creations into your daily life. Pal ensures that every Me2Sexy bag is a fashion statement and a practical, indispensable accessory. He's the man who makes sure that whether you're heading to a corporate meeting or a weekend getaway, your Me2Sexy handbag complements your style effortlessly. 

  • Jasmeet Singh - The Tech Guru

    Jas, our Tech Guru, is the wizard who weaves innovation into every Me2Sexy creation. Armed with a profound background in technology, he transforms our handbags into more than just accessories; they become technological marvels. Jas's genius lies in solving complex problems with ingenious solutions. He ensures that our products aren't just aesthetically pleasing but also technologically advanced, enhancing your everyday experiences. When you own a Me2Sexy, you're not just carrying a bag but a piece of the future. Jas's mastery adds an extra layer of magic to our already enchanting creations. 

Together, we are ME2SEXY, a close-knit team of friends, each bringing our unique talents to the table. Our shared commitment is to craft products that not only embody the latest trends but also enrich the very essence of your daily life. Fueled by our boundless passion for fashion and technology, we stand out as pioneers in the industry. We're eager to unveil our creations to you. Come, and be part of this thrilling voyage where fashion converges with innovation, and technology harmonizes with style. Welcome to our vibrant world!